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Lovemesculptingspa Coconut Milk Seamoss Hair Mask🥥

Lovemesculptingspa Coconut Milk Seamoss Hair Mask🥥

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✨Benefits of using With the LoveMeSculptingSpa Coconut Milk Seamoss Hair Mask include: reducing dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis or eczema in the scalp, strengthening your hair follicles while growing your hair, helps soften hair texture & define curl patterns, detangles hair making it more manageable & can be used on all hair types.

All Seamoss Products must be kept in the fridge

✨Ingredients: Coconut milk, Irish moss, lavender, peppermint, ginger

✨Usage: To use the hair mask you can scoop the desired amount needed into a bowl and heat it up for about 30 seconds. Start with the roots then comb the seamoss to the ends. Once applied throughout the hair, you must then massage your scalp so that your hair gets all the hydration needed. Once done applying part in 4 and twist cover your hair and leave for either 1hr,4hrs, 8hrs, 16hrs or 24hrs. This treatment is to be done before a shampoo as it is a deep treatment mask and works better when the hair is dirty. Once you are ready, wash out the mask very well & do about 2-3 good shampoos and finally 2-3 good conditioners. This treatment can be done every 2 weeks

✨Shelf life: Always remember Seamoss MUST ALWAYS STORE IN THE FRIDGE, never leave out or cross contaminate with other products as it will spoil. Can last up to 1 month in the fridge & 1 year in the freezer.

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