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Available in 2 sizes,

LoveMeSculptingSpa Seamoss Gel

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Lovemesculptigspa Seamoss Gel comes in 2 sizes small 12oz & large 32oz straight from Jamaica

It is low in calories, fat and sugar, gluten free. It has a small amount of protein and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. sea moss is also a good source of iron and vitamins C and A, which are known to help with your immune system

✨Ingredients: Irish moss

Benefits Read below

✨Contains 92 minerals & vitamins

✨Helps fight back cold & flu

✨Clears sinuses, mucus & phlegm from your respiratory system. (Especially if you’re a smoker)

✨Boost your immune system & increase energy &

✨Supports Your Digestive Health

✨ helps with heavy periods & helps reduce period cramps by restoring hormonal balance and improving thyroid function thanks to its high iodine content.

✨It contains high level of iron which help prevent or treat iron deficiency

✨Helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels & reduce risk of heart disease , ✨increase blood circulation

✨Helps reduce bloating & constipation

✨ Helps reduce sore throat & congestion

✨Helps remove bacteria built on teeth & gums causing plaque (when being used to brush teeth)

✨Usage: Daily, To use the Lovemesculptingspa Seamoss Gel, you will take 1-2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day. This can be taken with a spoon or if you have sensitive taste buds you can add it in the meals, coffees, teas, soups & much more. NO YOU WON'T TASTE IT. This product can be used for both women, men and kids

✨Shelf life: Always remember Irish moss MUST ALWAYS STORE IN THE FRIDGE, never leave out or cross contaminate with other products as it will spoil. Can last up to 1 month in the fridge & 1 year in the freezer.

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